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MewX.info is the official WordPress fansite for Danish indie band Mew, containing hundreds of pages of information and original articles from multiple contributors across the world.


My involvement with this website began in 2013 when I began making minor tweaks to the existing WordPress templates, and culminated with the original owner transferring full ownership to me the following year. Since that time, the site has undergone two complete visual transformations in 2014 and 2016. In addition to all of my webmaster duties, I also currently run all of the social media accounts associated with the website.


The most recent iteration involved creating a custom WordPress child theme based on the popular OneSocial parent theme, which focuses on intuitively integrating the BuddyPress plugin, bringing a Facebook-like community to WordPress sites. Careful attention to detail meant coordinating versioning and CSS across the theme itself and many plugins as well as integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to the BuddyPress community component, the site also includes sections for news, photos, tour information, fanart, interviews, links, and a complete discography. In creating the discography, I scanned hundreds of album covers from my own collection, cleaned up the images in Photoshop, and implemented a custom viewing solution utilizing jQuery UI tabs, accordion, and fancybox plugins. All of the HTML5/CSS3 for this section was handwritten in Dreamweaver.


The freshest addition to this site is the MewX Podcast, a weekly series in which I discuss individual Mew songs with my 3 co-hosts. The podcast is hosted on Anchor and syndicated to all of the major podcasting platforms.

Microsoft SharePoint Sites

Between the years of 2006 and 2018, I developed dozens of custom Microsoft SharePoint sites for internal audiences across Microsoft Corporation. Beginning with migrating the original MSWeb (Microsoft’s official intranet portal) from SharePoint 2003 to 2007, I assisted many clients with migration between versions throughout the years.


The bulk of my work with Microsoft and SharePoint consisted of branding vanilla sites from scratch. I created the master pages and page layouts, CSS, XSLT, and Javascript solutions, and eventually began integrating Bootstrap into the designs, which made SharePoint fully responsive (a feature that was not present in the default package.)


I was able to greatly reduce my overall workload by reusing templates designed for parent groups on their subsidiary groups, which sped up my process and kept the branding highly consistent across multiple sites.


Due to the sensitive data within these internal sites, I am unable to share working examples of any of these, and I have modified the text on many screenshots to obscure information.

Google Cloud Predictive Analytics

Google Cloud was looking for a 3-screen display for a booth at the ExecConnect conference hosted in São Paulo, Brazil.


For the left screen, I utilized the Bootstrap framework to create a responsive site which displayed random soccer statistic at the click of a button.


The center screen displayed a video produced by my colleagues.


On the far right screen, visitors could interact with a dashboard created in Google Data Studio containing Historical Statistics of International Football, 1872 – Present. I was in charge of the layout and branding of the content within the dashboard.


All information was translated from English to Portuguese for the Brazilian audience at this event.

Modern Analytics / Nexus

Nexus was an online reporting interface designed for Microsoft internal audiences, which displayed many types of reports as well as a PowerPoint-like tool for creating presentations on said reports. I was tasked with creating the responsive UI and ensuring adherence to Microsoft branding standards.


Over the course of several years, the design underwent many iterations as the client collected feedback from their user base and requested changes. Eventually, the project expanded to include PowerBI reports, so the client requested a UI that could seamlessly blend with the visual elements of those more modern-looking layouts.

Colorado Child Welfare Tracking

The Colorado Department of Human Services needed a major overhaul to their severely outdated child welfare tracking system. Working with a small team of UX/UI Designers and Business Analysts, we held daily requirement meetings to go over every modicum of their complex system, then developed highly detailed user stories which informed the design of scores of web forms throughout the application. Heavy emphasis was placed on accessibility, usability and functional, responsive design which performed well across a variety of screen sizes.


My main focus was on the creation of hundreds of static mockups in Photoshop, which I then linked together in InVision to create a functional visual prototype. These prototypes were then passed to a development team who coded them into a working application.

Launch Consulting

Launch Consulting had just undergone a merger and was interested in showcasing their new identity through their website, placing emphasis on hiring, recruiting, and growth. Working closely with a marketing team, I was responsible for laying out all the content in WordPress using the Beaver Builder page builder plugin and ensuring spot-on adherence to brand style guidelines.


Since this time, the site’s visuals have been updated to reflect the company’s newer brand, however the content remains the same.


NuWest was undergoing a full rebranding campaign for their company and needed a fresh website to showcase their new identity.


My colleagues and I designed the mockups for all the major pages on the website, which was then handed off to a development team to code and deploy to the live site.

The Girl Project

Glamour needed an overhaul to their existing website for The Girl Project, which is a philanthropic initiative that aims to unleash the vast economic and social power of girls through education.


The site redesign allowed for inclusion of new types of content, with emphasis on visual appeal and usability across a variety of screen sizes. I was responsible for creating Photoshop mockups to support the revamped website.

Business Investment Fund

Microsoft contracted myself and several of my developer colleagues over a year term to create a new interface for an existing system, the Business Investment Fund. The system was designed to allow marketing leads to allocate funds for different programs, which would then let their sales leads search these programs and request funds for individual projects. The main problem to be solved was to make certain these funds were trackable and auditable, so nothing slipped through the cracks or was done without thorough documentation.


I designed a modern and usable UI based on Microsoft’s new “Metro” style at the time, which presented copious information in a clear format free of unnecessary distractions. Site permissions were mapped out in a granular fashion, and custom views and administrative functions were displayed based on the user’s permission level. Users could customize their landing page and even designate others to complete work on their behalf. Approval workflows and custom email notifications assured that all users were kept in the loop as their requests were processed.


Notable during this time period were the first uses of style sheets which targeted different browsers and the first inclusions of non-default web fonts, as well as drag-and-drop jQuery functionality. Kendo UI was utilized to create beautiful and interactive charts and graphs for the reporting section.