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MewX.info is the official WordPress fansite for Danish indie band Mew, containing hundreds of pages of information and original articles from multiple contributors across the world.


My involvement with this website began in 2013 when I began making minor tweaks to the existing WordPress templates, and culminated with the original owner transferring full ownership to me the following year. Since that time, the site has undergone two complete visual transformations in 2014 and 2016. In addition to all of my webmaster duties, I also currently run all of the social media accounts associated with the website.


The most recent iteration involved creating a custom WordPress child theme based on the popular OneSocial parent theme, which focuses on intuitively integrating the BuddyPress plugin, bringing a Facebook-like community to WordPress sites. Careful attention to detail meant coordinating versioning and CSS across the theme itself and many plugins as well as integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to the BuddyPress community component, the site also includes sections for news, photos, tour information, fanart, interviews, links, and a complete discography. In creating the discography, I scanned hundreds of album covers from my own collection, cleaned up the images in Photoshop, and implemented a custom viewing solution utilizing jQuery UI tabs, accordion, and fancybox plugins. All of the HTML5/CSS3 for this section was handwritten in Dreamweaver.


The freshest addition to this site is the MewX Podcast, a weekly series in which I discuss individual Mew songs with my 3 co-hosts. The podcast is hosted on Anchor and syndicated to all of the major podcasting platforms.

Launch Consulting

Launch Consulting had just undergone a merger and was interested in showcasing their new identity through their website, placing emphasis on hiring, recruiting, and growth. Working closely with a marketing team, I was responsible for laying out all the content in WordPress using the Beaver Builder page builder plugin and ensuring spot-on adherence to brand style guidelines.


Since this time, the site’s visuals have been updated to reflect the company’s newer brand, however the content remains the same.