Business Investment Fund
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Business Investment Fund

Microsoft contracted myself and several of my developer colleagues over a year term to create a new interface for an existing system, the Business Investment Fund. The system was designed to allow marketing leads to allocate funds for different programs, which would then let their sales leads search these programs and request funds for individual projects. The main problem to be solved was to make certain these funds were trackable and auditable, so nothing slipped through the cracks or was done without thorough documentation.


I designed a modern and usable UI based on Microsoft’s new “Metro” style at the time, which presented copious information in a clear format free of unnecessary distractions. Site permissions were mapped out in a granular fashion, and custom views and administrative functions were displayed based on the user’s permission level. Users could customize their landing page and even designate others to complete work on their behalf. Approval workflows and custom email notifications assured that all users were kept in the loop as their requests were processed.


Notable during this time period were the first uses of style sheets which targeted different browsers and the first inclusions of non-default web fonts, as well as drag-and-drop jQuery functionality. Kendo UI was utilized to create beautiful and interactive charts and graphs for the reporting section.


July 21, 2014


Web Design